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  • Sourdough Cranberry Orange Bread

    Sourdough Cranberry Orange Bread

    A decadent bread perfect for fall and winter celebrations. This bread is the quintessential fall bread. Bright, juicy cranberries are paired with the zesty flavor of orange to give you the perfect flavor combination. In fact, the cranberry/orange flavor combination might be one of the best out there. Fall might be my favorite season, and…

  • Sourdough Bagels

    Sourdough Bagels

    Perfectly chewy bagels with an irresistible flavor. These bagels have an irresistible chewy exterior and a perfectly soft interior. They also have the benefit of long fermentation, which improves digestibility. If you’re looking for a breakfast or lunch that will keep you going for hours, these bagels will do that for you. Sourdough has staying…